Stipends Npower Batch C Beneficiaries Will Be Paid Monthly


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing the monthly stipends expected to be paid to the N-Power batch c beneficiaries. Most of you has been asking the question regarding the expected allowance to be paid to the new Npower volunteers so we decided to create this post to answer your question.

The NPower programme is in categories, the non-graduate and the graduate programme and the stipends paid to volunteers in each of the categories are different. The graduate programme receives more allowance than the non-graduate programme.

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Though the Management of the Npower programme has not made any new statement whether there will be a charge in monthly stipends for the batch c beneficiaries, we assumed that the payment figure still remains the same as the previous mount paid to batches A and B beneficiaries.

Below is the amount Npower batch C should be expecting to receive monthly as Npower volunteers:

  • Non-Graduate programme - Agriculture, NTech, NCreatives, NBuild will be paid N10,000 Monthly
  • Graduate programme - NTeacher, NHealth will be paid N30,000 for 12months

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Nevertheless, if there will be any changes in this, beneficiaries will surely be informed by the Npower management team.

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