How To Fix FRSC Recruitment 2021 Passport Upload Issues


Following the complaints regarding the FRSC Recruitment 2021 passport upload issue we have seen, we have decided to create the post to help you with a solution to fix the passport upload problem in the FRSC Recruitment portal.

To complete your FRSC 2021 Recruitment application, you must follow all the steps to the letter from the first registration to my application section.

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The My Application section is where you will be required to fill the FRSC Recruitment form properly. Things that you will be required to fill are as follows:

1) Basic information

2) Next of kin information

3) Academic history

4) Work experience

5) Reference

6) Passport Uploading

7) Questionnaires

Each of the sections listed above must be filled one after another in order to move forward to the next section. Since this post is all about finding solutions to passport uploading errors, we will base our explanation on passport upload so that we won't bore you.

How To Fix FRSC Recruitment 2021 Passport Upload Issues
To successfully upload your passport you must make sure you follow the instructions below:

a. Make sure your passport size is not less than 20 kg and not more than 50kg

b. Your passport should have a real password size shape. You can use an image cropper to do that.

c. Make sure that you are using is strong network and browser

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If after all these requirements are met and the issue persists, keep trying it might be that the portal server is overloaded.

For more assistance, you can contact the FRSC support team via these numbers: 08077690361, 08077690362, 08077690363 or send an email to [email protected]

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  1. Is it only passport we are to upload for the FRSC job


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