NMFB Outline AGSMEIS Loan Challenges

NMFB Outline AGSMEIS Loan Challenges - According to Nirsal, whenever money is connected there are always challenges and people will always event ways to circumvent the system. This is what happens with the Nirsal AGSMEIS. This came after it was reported that NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) misappropriated the N5 million loan facility's sum under the AGSMEIS which they have denied the allegations.

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Many of the prospective Nirsal AGSMEIS do not realize that this money is a loan, they believe is free government money to help them either startup or expand their business or share the national cake.

Attitude to the repayment of this loan by some beneficiaries is non-committal. But the Nirsal Micro Finance Bank chief executive Abdulahi Kure said if you get the loan you must pay. Watch the video released by Nirsal below:

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