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In today's latest Npower news - we will be talking about Npower Stream 2 Batch C Update as regards shortlisting. So for those of you waiting for the NPower Batch C2, read on!

We have seen comments from some of you stating that Npower has begun shortlisting for stream 2 so we decided to create this post to inform you to always check your Nasims portal profile in issues relating to shortlisting and deployment as that is the only way you can know if you have been Shortlisted.

Seeing is believing as such the only way you can know your shortlisting status is via Login regularly to check your status. Not all rumors are facts!!

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Note that the Npower batch C1 prospective volunteers are still waiting for a physical verification invitation. Until then, stream 2 will continue being on the waiting list.

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  1. Please, what about those that haven't being shortlisted


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