How To Select New Npower Programme In Your LGA Via Nasims Portal


In today's latest Npower news - Npower batch C - We will be discussing How to Select A New NPower Programme if the One you Selected is Not Available in Your LGA. So read on!

We noticed that some of the applicants who applied for the N-Power Batch C Recruitment and was successfully Shortlisted found out that they weren't Deployed because the Programme they Selected was not available in their LGA and they were asked to reselect a new Npower Programme.

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If you are among this set of Npower applicants, here is step by step guidelines on how to Choose a New NPower Programme if the Programme you Selected is Not Available in Your Local Government Area.

How to select a new NPower Programme if the previously selected one is unavailable in your LGA:
To select a New Programme in NPower Batch C Recruitment, please kindly follow the guidelines below:

1. Login to your Npower Nasims Portal: https://www.nasims.gov.ng

2. Click on Deployment, a list of Available Programmes will pop up in the following format:




3. Select your New Programme and Submit.

Upon Successfully submission, you will receive a response from the Npower team. Period!

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  1. What can be done if the program you want to applied for isn't available in your local government of residence and you don't have the required qualification for the other program?

  2. They ask me to chose new program have done it now they say I should till chose another program again please help me out

  3. I have tried changing programme, it's not been successful, the drop down arrow is suppose to pop out lists of programmes but it isn't. I feel stranded. I need help please.


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