Why Npower As A Brand Need Sincerity Of Purpose


Why Npower As A Brand Need Sincerity Of Purpose - Do you know that the Name Npower is among the most searched words in Nigeria? N-Power is a strong brand on its own, no doubt. Nigerians search for the Name Npower a lot on the Google search engine. And as such, with sincerity of purpose, the Npower Programme can drastically reduce unemployment and poverty if well structured. Checkout Is Npower Solving Unemployment - What We Know

The problem that befell Npower Programme is the willingness on the part of the management to creatively, seriously, and sincerely developed the Npower Programme into an effective Empowerment Scheme for the vibrant youthful population of Nigeria.

The Npower Programme needs to be developed to achieve its purpose. And some ways to make that happen are:

1. To achieve the purpose for which Npower is meant, the management should be able to enroll a new set of volunteers yearly at the appropriate time.

2. They should also partner with a private organization who are specialized in youth development to help upskill the Npower beneficiaries so the Npower beneficiaries can become independent after the Npower Programme.

3. The Management should not just disengage its volunteers without a proper exit package to enable them to find their transition path. Read also GEEP 2-0 - Chances Of Exited Npower Volunteers Benefiting

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