Why You Should Start A Business Before Nexit Loan Disbursement


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing Why the Npower batch A and B exited beneficiaries Should make sure that they have A Business running Before Nexit Loan Disbursement. So read on.

The NEXIT Loan Disbursement which most of the exited Npower beneficiaries have been waiting for is not free, According to the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs. She has advised every batch A & B to seek a business to do before receiving the CBN nexit loan because this money is not free, so don't think that the Nexit loan as most of you tag as an exit package as a grant, is not. So without creating a solution for which you intend to spend this loan before coming to collect this debt is a turnoff. Read also the Template To Help You Write Business Plan For Nexit, NYIF Loan And Others

Though there might be other options in the Nexit Scheme, applicants who may need the Nexit loan should make sure that they set up a small business which may serve as an advantage to get the Nexit loan opportunities. You will need to repay the loan as such you must invest the money in order to generate profit for repayment.

As regards whether there will be a transition of applicants to government jobs as part of the nexit option, only Nexit Management can tell. So before then, let us wait patiently for an official statement. You may want to also read FG Unveil 3 Jobs Opportunities For Exited Npower Volunteers

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