How To Monetize Your Twitter With Ticketed Spaces

How To Monetize Your Twitter With Ticketed Spaces - Do you know that you can now make money with your twitter account using the new twitter monetization tool? Well if you don't know, we will be discussing details on how you can make that happen so read on.

What is Ticketed Spaces?

Ticketed Spaces is a way to support creators on Twitter for their time and effort in hosting, speaking, and moderating the public conversation. Creators can earn a share of revenue from tickets purchased from Twitter to attend the creators’ Ticketed Spaces.

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Ticketed Spaces help creators generate revenue from the Spaces they host while allowing their audiences to show their support by purchasing tickets for the experience and conversation that creators provide in Twitter Spaces.

Creators can use Ticketed Spaces to:

host workshops, conversations, or meet-and-greets with their most loyal fans. Twitter’s global platform is the perfect spot for hosting live, paid events. Now creators can earn money for hosting their Spaces.

How do creators start a Ticketed Space?

To begin hosting Ticketed Spaces creators need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria to submit an application. There are a limited number of test group participants who will be accepted during the initial phase, but Twitter will put applicants on the waitlist if they accept their application.

In the sidebar you will go to Monetization > Ticketed Spaces. That is where you can learn more about Ticketed Spaces, check to see if you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, and then submit an application.

Watch the video below for illustration:

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