How To Know And Fix Unvalidated Npower Beneficiaries Payment Account


How To Know Unvalidated Npower Beneficiaries Payment Account

Following the update given by Npower yesterday regarding account not validated being the reason why some batch C beneficiaries are yet to get paid which you can read here Npower Stipend - How To Validate Your Account To Get Paid, we decided to create this post to make it clear on the question you have been asking about how to know the account that is not validated.

To know the Npower batch c payment account that is not validated, you will notice the following issues:

a. Your profile dashboard record will show bvn not provided and no data

However, if your dashboard shows bvn provided and invalid at the same time, your account is ok and you are good to go.

For those whose account is not validated, you may want to read Nasims instructions on how to fix it below:

Nasims Gives New Instructions On Fixing Acct Not Validated

We have decided to share a followed up update from Nasims to clear the air on questions you have been asking on how to know the account that is not validated. So read the details below!

According to Nasims, Npower batch C Beneficiary should:

1) Ensure that your bank account details are correctly captured on your NASIMS profile page, if not, edit and correct, then log out and login to ascertain the effectiveness of the correction, otherwise, disregard.

2) Secondly, if your BVN is PROVIDED, kindly ignore the part on the portal that says "INVALID"

However, if your BVN is not PROVIDED, edit and provide in the corresponding space, using the same method as in no (1)

If you experience any difficulty or are unable to perform the above actions, kindly call any of Nasims helplines 092203102, 018888340 for further assistance.

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Above all, if your account details and BVN are correct, kindly disregard this information. Thank you!

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