Npower News - Work Experience, Stipends Which Is Key

Npower News - Work Experience, Stipends Which Is Key


Npower News - Work Experience, Stipends Which Is Key - One of the challenges most fresh Graduates searching for jobs face in the labour market is lack of work experience. And Npower Programme has bridged the gap between fresh graduates and employers who demands long-term work experience as a criteria for employment.

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Npower Program is built to prepare young Nigerians for a modern, globalized economy by helping equip youths with job experience, skills, and certifications for emerging global markets.

While stipends are one of the entitlements for the Npower Volunteers, it is very important to also understand that the opportunity to acquire work experience which is hard to get ordinary as a fresh Graduates in Nigeria is key.

Serving as a Npower Volunteer will boast your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and can be an added advantage when looking for employment. It is advisable that after your service, you should include Npower as work experience on your CV. Read also How To Add NPower As Work Experience On Your CV

As a prospective Npower volunteer, the primary thing to think about is how to become a beneficiary to gain work experience, entrepreneurship skills, and the second thing is the motivational entitlement which is the Stipends. This will help you coup when stipend payments are delayed.

So let we leave you with the question "Work Experience, Stipends - Which Matters to You As A Npower Beneficiary"

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  1. I worked in Private Schools as a Mathematics and Furthermathematics teacher at both Junior and Senior Secondary Schools before I got Npower job. Before and after the Npower job I still remained an applicant for Government work. This government need to find a way of integrating the exited beneficiaries into Government ministries and agencies or train them to be self reliant as promised without which the programme will not fulfill the purpose for which it was inaugurated. Thank you.


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