Abandoned Nexit Scheme - Applicants Task NAS To Summon Minister

Abandoned Nexit Scheme - Applicants Task NAS To Summon Minister


In today's latest Npower news - Nexit Scheme news - The 36 states Npower representative via Comrade Kabiru Aliyu Pelemi National N-Power President spoke on behalf of the Exited Npower batches A and B beneficiaries now Nexit Applicants, Task National Assembly NAS To Summon Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq over Abandoned Nexit Scheme. Read details below:

Comrade Kabiru Aliyu Pelemi National N-Power President wrote:

After several letters to the ministry of humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, And Social Development I chose to write this article to call the attention of NASS to summon honorable SADIYA UMAR FAROUK for questioning and answer for not handling the N-Power program in the right way.

The Honorable Minister, in her several interviews and her social media, handles categorically stated that N-Power volunteers will be given an exit package, especially before the end of the year 2021. Read details here Npower Video News - Minister Speaks About Nexit Training And Packages

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs has been using different tactics and media propaganda all this while without fulfilling the exit package through her purported NEXIT PORTAL.

Up till now, reasonable numbers from Batch A and B are yet to be paid their backlog till date. And what amazed me is that she didn't use batch A and B volunteers to learn her lesson to strategize for BATCH C.

Batch C stream 1 N-Power volunteers have been posted to their Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) without considering their locations. Some of them have to spend more than four hundred naira for transport fare a day before getting to their PPA.

These Batch C stream 1 N-Power volunteers have only been paid September stipend and yet to receive October, November, and December stipends. Does she want them to use miracles to go to their PPA without receiving their stipend?

Some of these volunteers quit where they were managing their life to join N-Power in order to make life easy for them most especially in this economic situation we found ourselves in Nigeria.

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Most of N-Power batch C stream 1 are presently confused either to resume to Npower job or go back to where they were working before.

The primary aim and objectives of the N-Power program ( Batch A and B ) were not achieved as 95% of the beneficiaries are now back on the street and jobless and the same mistake is about to happen to batch C.

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