Latest Npower News For Today Monday 20th December 2021

Latest Npower News For Today Monday 20th December 2021


In today's latest Npower news Monday 20th December 2021, Npower beneficiaries react to October, November, and December stipends payment delay update from Nasims.

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In the latest Npower Nasims update, the management warned beneficiaries of the N-Power Programme to beware of false information and their carriers. We can not issue contradictory information to what's obtainable on all our Social media channels. Therefore, you're by this post advise to disregard all or any contradictory information wildly in circulation and stay glued to the right channels for authentic updates, Nasims said.

However, in line with the warning issued by Nasims, some of the batch C Volunteers of the Npower Scheme were not pleased so they decided to comment on the issue.

One of the commenters said, pay us our October, November, and December stipends and stop all these irrelevant posts. Pay us that are not having payment issues and pay arrears for those having issues when resolved. This was in response to the delayed payment update. Read it here Nasims Restate Cause For Npower Stipend Payment Delay

Whatever it might be, we know that payment will be made. So we will like to advise the Npower beneficiaries to stay calm and wait patiently pending when their stipend payment issues are resolved.

As you celebrate this holiday season, we equally advise you to stay safe, you can contact the Nigeria Police Force in all states of the Federation in case of any emergency via their contacts number which can be found on their social media channels and website.

Happy holiday and Merry Christmas in Advance.

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  1. How can you say merry Christmas in advance when you have not paid our October , November and December stipends , what is the main purpose of this program ,fear the angry youth , and you know not all of us are moslems ,pay us so we can happy do our jobs and celebrate the Christmas

  2. Seriously! The Yuletide is already here and you're still asking beneficiaries to be patient. Are they supposedly going to eat sand, travel for the holiday on foot and the likes? We claim to want a better Nigeria but we fail in little responsibilities bestowed on our shoulder. Which way Nigeria?

  3. Npower should pay us and stop all these crazy jibe

  4. All Promise's Cancel Administration, there's God


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