Four Untrue Talk About Npower To Avoid Today


In today's latest Npower news - We will be talking about Four Untrue Talk About Npower To Avoid Today. So let's get straight to the point.

For Untrue Talk About Npower To Avoid Today

1. Npower batch D recruitment:

The information circulating about Npower batch D recruitment is not true! If you see any information stating that Npower is recruiting for batch D, note that it does not emanate from N-Power. Npower doesn't sell forms to beneficiaries and trainees in the programme.

2. Resignation button:

If you hear that Npower add resignation button, ask Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries to resign if they can't bear lopsided Payment, not that it is not true. It is false information and does not emanate from N-Power.

3. Npower Programme Cancelation:

If you have heard anywhere before that Npower Programme is canceled or will be canceled, note that it is not true. Npower is even preparing to enroll more applicants in batch C stream 2.

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4. Npower stipends and work experience:

If anybody tells you that Npower stipends are free money, tell him that he is lying. Npower stipends is the monthly allowance paid to Npower beneficiaries to support them while they acquire work experience and skills to help them become self-reliant.

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  1. On the issue of resignation button, if it didn't come from NPWR, where did it come from?, this woman minister is something else


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