Npower Volunteers Excited As 2021 November Payment Begins

Npower Volunteers Excited As 2021 November Payment Begins


In today's latest Npower news - Npower November stipends payment - Npower Volunteers Excited As 2021 November Payment Begins. Days after initiating, removing, and reinitiating the November stipend process, the Npower management Nasims has commenced payment.

The Beneficiaries of the Npower Programme took to their various discussion group and forums of social media to share their story and how excited they are. They commend the management for November Payment and equally ask them to pay December stipends also.

As it is at the moment, since the Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries commenced duty at their place of primary assignment PPA since last year October 2021, they have so far received 3 months Stipends including September Stipend. Payment of December and January will make it 5 months.

According to Nasims, while they don't take comfort from the inconveniences caused by the delay in payment, Kindly note that payment of November payment process does not mean all FAILED October payments will be ignored. While the current payment is in progress, all FAILED PAYMENT issues as regards the October stipend is being worked on and payment is made upon resolution regardless of the reason.

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We did it during the September payment despite the inconveniences caused by the payment delay, we will still do it again, as your payment entitlement will not be denied, Nasims said.

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