Jobs You can Do As A Business Administration Graduate

Jobs You can Do As A Business Administration Graduate


Today on Npower discussion group, we will be discussing Jobs You can Do As A Business Administration Graduate. So if you study Buss/Admin or currently studying the course, keep reading to know what you can do to make a leaving from your course of study.

What is Business Administration?

Oxford defined Business Administration as a course of study at the University or in the college that prepare students for managerial roles in organizations or companies.

As a graduate of Business Administration, there shouldn't be limit to what you can do when it comes to managing a business based on the skills you were able to gather during the course of your study. You learned organizational management skills, effective communication skills, marketing skills, coordinating/ organizing skills, basic accounting skills, etc.

All these skills qualify you to work for any company's Administrative department as a Actuarial analyst, Arbitrator, Business adviser, Business analyst, Business development manager, Chartered management accountant, Corporate investment banker, Data analyst, Procurement officer, HRM officer, etc.

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However, looking at how it is hard to find jobs this days, a business administration graduate can decide to follow the pathway listed below:

1. Open your own business

2. Becoming a virtual assistant

3. videographer

4. Vlogger

5. Local tour guide

6. Freelance writer

7. Dropshipping Business

8. Becoming a wedding officiant

9. Blogger

10. Social Influencer

11. Digital Marketing

As a graduate of Business Administration without job, you can venture into any of the listed path above. With dedication and consistency, you will surely succeed.

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