What To Know About Nexit Training Date Text Message Circulating

What To Know About Nexit Training Date Text Message Circulating

In today's latest Npower news - Nexit training, we will be talking about a particular fake single text message circulating on social media which you can see on the image below stating that the Nexit training will be starting on the 17th of February 2022 which is today and also stated that the training will last for 3 days.


Please note that the authenticity of text message on the right side of the image above has not been confirmed as the source of the message is from a private number and not from Npower or Nexit. Ignore any messages regarding Npower or Nexit that is not officially made by Nasims or Npower management.

You recall that before the Nexit training status check and training availability confirmation, the management of Nexit made an official announcement requesting all Nexit Scheme applicants to check if they have been shortlisted for the Nexit training coming up this February.

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We believe that the management will release an official date stating when the training will commence which they haven't yet. Until then, we advised all Nexit applicants to stay tuned to the right channels for authentic information.

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