Why Missing Nexit Training Is Like Missing The Kiss ( Loan)

Why Missing Nexit Training Is Like Missing The Kiss ( Loan)


The statement "Why Missing Nexit Training Is Like Missing The Kiss ( Loan)" is a figure of speech used to illustrate the subject matter in this post to portray the need why it is important that you attend the Nexit training.

It has been a long journey since the Nexit application period ended and now that the training is here. It will be a gross mistake if you decide to miss the training at this point in time. Nexit Training - How To Know If Selected Among The 75k 1st Batch

For those who depend largely on the Nexit opportunity, missing the Nexit training is like missing the kiss which means the loan here. Below are five key things to consider if you need the Nexit loan.

Five Important Things To Note About The CBN Nexit Traning And Loan

1) You must participate in the Nexit training to qualify you for the CBN Nexit Loan

2) The CBN Nexit Training will Kick-off Next Week 14th Match 2022

3) The First batch Nexit Training will start with 75,600 beneficiaries

4) The training is outsourced to be conducted by independent training agency and will last for 4days

5) The Nexit loan range from N100,000 to N3million depending on your business

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If you want to understand more about the need why this training is important, asked the Nigeria youth investment fund NYIF applicants who missed their training if they were able to get their loan.

If you depend so much on the Nexit loan to start growing your business then you must not miss the training so as not to miss the kiss which means the loan in this post.

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  1. In Benue state no information regarding the training venue, time and training as a whole. When we in Benue will be sent email?


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