Latest Nexit News For Today Thursday 14th April 2022

Latest Nexit News For Today Thursday 14th April 2022

In today's Latest Nexit News For Thursday April 14th 2022, we will be answering some of the questions that you have been asking. So let get started!

Nexit training batch 2: For some of you who has been asking if Nexit management has released list for second batch of Nexit training, here is what we know. Nexit management has not released Nexit training batch 2 list yet. As such training for Nexit batch 2 have not commenced. Stay tuned! We shall share an update regarding this when this list is out.

First Batch Nexit Training Update: Participant of the First batch nexit training who has been asking of what to do Nexit after the training should note that Nexit management will notify you on the next step to take which probably will be pitching your business idea and then disbursement of the Nexit CBN loan.

There might be other empowerment opportunities options aside the CBN Nexit loan as earlier stated during the Nexit application stage which you can check them out here FG Unveil 3 Jobs Opportunities For Exited Npower Volunteers

What you should be doing right now as a nexit applicants is to prepare your business plan if you have not done that yet. Read this Business Types To write Business Plan For CBN Nexit Loan. Doing this beforehand will save you the stress of rushing to get it done when it will be needed.

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