2 Outstanding Stocks In Nigeria This Year And How To Invest

2 Outstanding Stocks In Nigeria This Year And How To Invest

2 Outstanding Stocks In Nigeria This Year And How To Invest - The two outstanding stocks this year have been Okomu Oil and Presco, both of them palm oil producers.

1) Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC is a successful company initially established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in Edo State in 1976 before converting to a PLC in 1990. The Company manages its plantation in a transparent and sustainable manner, ensuring the ongoing performance of its activities and operations.

Okomu's ambition is to develop responsible tropical agriculture. Through its activities, the Company implements key initiatives that ensure long-term economic performance, social welfare, health, security, and natural resource management, having a positive impact on all.

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2) PRESCO PLC - Presco is a fully-integrated p establishment with oil palm plantations, palm oil mill, palm kernel crushing plant and vegetable oil refining and fractionation plant. It also has an olein and stearin packaging plant and a biogas plant to treat its palm oil mill effluent. It is the first of its kind in West Africa.

Presco specialises in the cultivation of oil palm and in the extraction, refining and fractionation of crude palm oil into finished products. Presco supplies specialty fats and oils of outstanding quality to customer specifications and assures a reliability of supply of its products year round. This is made possible by the integrated nature of the company’s production process. Presco is the Nigerian market leader for specialty fats and oils.

How to Invest in this companies stocks:

To Invest in These companies, kindly contact your stockbroker to give details update on how to apply for this stocks.

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