What To Know About The New Npower Biometrics News For Stream 2

What To Know About The New Npower Biometrics News For Stream 2

In today's latest Npower news, will be discussing What To Know About The New Npower Biometrics News For Stream 2 so if you are a Npower applicant waiting for stream 2 shortlisting gather here!

Recall that a few months ago, there was an update regarding stream 2 shortlisting for biometric verification which most of you did capture your fingerprint at that time.

However, Npower was swift to action and put the exercise on hold saying that the change of biometrics verification was for stream 1 supplementary list but most of the stream 2 awaiting applicants had already done their biometrics fingerprint capturing because they equally saw a change on their verification status. Read details here Latest Npower News On New Batch C Supplementary Shortlisting

Nonetheless, Npower shared a new update yesterday the 14th of May 2022 stating that they have begun the Shortlisting process stream 2 and instructed the Npower applicants to begin Biometrics capturing which was put on hold a few months ago. You can read the new instructions here Nasims Instruct Npower Batch C Stream 2 To begin Biometric Capturing

Because most of you had earlier done the biometrics capturing, if you visit the verification status on your Nasims dashboard, you will notice that your fingerprint had already been captured. If this is your case, there is no need to panic or get yourself worked out, it means you have done your biometrics, and no need for recapture.

That notwithstanding, if you applied for Npower and were not Shortlisted for stream 1, or you were not earlier successful for stream 2 biometrics verification, kindly login to the Nasims dashboard https://nasims.gov.ng to check for your verification application status. You might be lucky this time and if you have earlier done your biometrics fingerprint capturing for stream 2, no need to recapture.

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