How To Edit Birth Date On Nasims Portal To Solve Verify Account Number Error

How To Edit Birth Date On Nasims Portal To Solve Verify Account Number Error

In today's latest Npower news, we will be discussing Npower Deployment - How To Edit Birth Date On Nasims Portal To Solve Verify Account Number Error. So read on!

Are you a Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiary having issues with BVN and bank account verification? If your answer is yes, then this update is for you.

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It is known that Npower beneficiaries whose BVN is not validated and Bank accounts are not provided tend to encounter issues of payment failure. If a Npower beneficiary dashboard does not indicate that his/her BVN is validated and the Bank account provided, he/she will have issues with stipend payment.

So in order to save yourself the later stress of having to send complaints to Npower for help,  it is required for a Npower Beneficiary yet to verify his or her BVN to do so. how can you fix this issue? Kindly follow the steps below to verify your bank account number if you have not done that yet:

1. Login to the Nasims self-service portal https://nasims.gov.ng

2. Check your bio data on the overview page to see if your BVN is validated and that your bank account is provided. If it is provided, ignore this update because you are safe. If not then complete the next steps:

3. Click edit on your Nasims dashboard overview page, clean your date of birth and add it again and submit! Only your date of birth will be updated.

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4. Then go back to the deployment page and verify your account number. This will work if your issue is related to birth date except if you are faced with other issues.

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  1. This was very helpful. Good job 👍

  2. Please I need help concerning this nbuild issue have been shortlisted on my dashboard and my finger print is capsure. But I can't find my verification center please help me out

  3. Thank you very much for this article.

  4. Same with me any hope for n

  5. Mine is "No BVN Data" and had carefully followed the steps given in the post. The response is " ACCOUNT NUMBER ALREADY EXIST FOR ANOTHER BENEFICIARY" Wayout pls🙏

  6. Pls help us ooo...mine is still showing my account is already exist for another beneficiary


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