Latest Npower News For Today Wednesday 27th July 2022

Latest Npower News For Today Wednesday 27th July 2022

In today's latest Npower news for Wednesday 27th July 2022, Npower management stated that for those of you Npower batch c stream 1 that are having payment-related issues, the Npower team sincerely apologizes for the inconveniences this must have caused you.

The Npower Technical Team is working tirelessly to resolve the payment issues, and they are committed to ensuring that you receive your payments soon. Npower team understands you and management feels your pains. Npower knows how frustrating this could be. Thank you for staying with us so far and for offering your services to the country. We do not take this for granted.

Npower management has also debunked the information circulating on social media regarding device collection for batch C. According to Npower, the information is not true and the public should disregard it.

If you have been trying to access the Nasims but were denied access, we are glad to let you know that the Nasims Portal is now inaccessible. You can always login to the portal to check new changes as they are made.

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As regards the information circulating on social media stating that Npower extends Npower batch C stream 1 by 6 months. Note that this information has not been confirmed as such and should not be taken seriously until Npower management said so.

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  1. You mean all the information that circulated and goes viral in social media about the collection of device is a fake information?

  2. Please I'll be glad if my April and May salary is paid

  3. I will be happy if my September October and November stipends is paid I need your assistant please

  4. Pls I will be glad if my July stipend is been paid


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