FG Introduces Work Nation To Train And Retain Exited Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries

FG Introduces Work Nation To Train And Retain Exited Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries

I today's Latest Npower News, the management of Npower Nasims Gives New Update On The Introduction Of Npower Work Nation for the Npower C1 Beneficiaries both graduate and non-graduate by the Federal Government to Train And Retain Exited Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries. Read details below!

What You Need To Know About The Introduction Of Work Nation

Work Nation is Africas’ talent/skill acquisition platform, where talents/skills are developed also and connects to opportunities across the globe

To ensure the alarming rate of unemployment in the country is curtailed, Federal Government has taken further step ahead to introduce WORK NATION program where the out gone Npower C1 Beneficiaries will be trained/ retrained and connect to opportunities across the globe.

All Npower C1 Beneficiaries whom this program (WORK NATION) is reflecting on their dashboard are advised to take the test and wait patiently for the selection stage. During this process of test taking, ensure your details are correctly captured and avoid erroneous entry.

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At WORK NATION, we have taken a unique demand-driven and proactive approach to bridging Africa's talent gap and meeting global workplace needs. Working with strategic organisations and partners that are aligned with our mission, we match talents with national, regional and global opportunities by:

A) Preparing talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the nature of work and skill set demands.

B) Customizing training curriculum to equip, up-skill and re-skill talents as best fits for global brands and the digital economy

C) Pre-qualifying talents for industry-specific training and selection for internship or employment.

D) Blending the skills, attitude, experience and passion of talents to meet the expectations of the future of work.

The Featured Jobs To Likely Matched With After Career Training Are:

1) Business Analyst

2) Customer Service

3) Engineering

4) Accounting

5) Management

6) Construction

7) Full stack development

8) Petroleum engineering

9) Administrative assistant

10) Marketing

11) Customer Service Representative

12) Aviation

13) Sales Management

14) Mechanical engineering

15) Data analyst

16) Human resources

Top Employers Are:

1) Global

2) Government

3) Private

For more information about WORK NATION, you can go to the Work Nation webpage.

Note: it's not mandatory, but it's necessary, Nasims said.

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  1. Please I'm through with my test but having problem with this skill set of a thing...

    1. Please after scoring 80 for test, hoping to be selected, I want to know if the selection take time or is immediately appear at your status.

  2. What about we that is not showing on our dashboard those that means we re not selected,????

  3. Please I can't submit my profile and I don't know how to go about it.

  4. I click on proceed test button on my dash board but is not showing anything likewise have not seen my August stipend paid... Pls what is happening? It showing failed, transfer failed.

  5. I am unable to take the test is not showing anything when you click on proceed so what is the way out I need help.

  6. I tried taking the test but its not showing

  7. Please my August stipend is still showing processing what is my hope and when do l expect the payment .

  8. It was written on my dashboard that "you have not been selected" . What could be responsible for that? I need response please.

  9. Edna
    I click on processing test is not showing any thing what we I do

  10. It is displayed on my dashboard. However, it refuses to load whenever I click. Please, help.

  11. What is the fate of the excited batch A and B?

  12. Please i want to write the test how am i going about

  13. The digits pin sand to me is more than 4 digits, please what is the way forward

  14. Proceed to test the,I clicked on it is not opening what do I do

  15. Hello,
    My Dashboard is showing proceed to test but when clicked it remains idle. what should i do, please.

  16. Hello,
    my dashboard is showing proceed to test but its not responding after clicking on it, it just load and stop.
    Please what do I do about this.
    IPEMIDA Samuel batch can npower candidate

  17. What about batch c stream ll

  18. My dashboard is saying proceed to test when I clicked is not showing and is showing not selected yet what does it mean, I need to write the test how do I go about it

  19. Choose a career path is giving me problem what should I do

  20. Go to worknation dashboard to open, then stand there to write the test

  21. I have taken the text but unable to verify my account sent to my email

  22. I tried to longin into my dashboard but shows me invalid email and password how can't I do please
    I need help

  23. hello me when i update its showing email and phone number alredy taking ang i can not access my email address pls i need help

  24. Hello, my dashboard is saying that am yet to be selected for the work Nation test I don't know if it is as a result of my August stipends that is showing failed transfer which I have not been paid till now please help me to rectify the problem thanks.



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