Qatar2022 - 1 Country With Beautiful Kits That Miss out Of 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar2022 - 1 Country With Beautiful Kits That Miss out Of 2022 FIFA World Cup

As the 2022 Qatar world cup commence tomorrow the 20th of November 2022, we will be talking about 1 Country With Beautiful Jersey kits That Miss out Of 2022 World Cup. So keep reading!

The world cup is an international football competition that house the best qualified countries football national team from all the continent of the world.

However, there are certain countries that usually comes out with unique and outstanding kits for the world cup. And one of the country that is well known of it beautiful world cup kits/jersey is the Nigeria super eagles team.

Unfortunately, even though the super eagles of Nigeria did not qualified for the 2022 fifa world cup Qatar 2022, they still turnout with one of the best jersey as you can see in the image below.

Below is how sport lovers are reacting to the Nigeria jersey:

1. Goal said Nigeria kits are always unreal

2. ThatBoyMJ said Whoever is doing these kits needs to actually do every country's kit because their kit ideas have been slapping since 2014.

3. Mayor writes wrote: If you’re not good at football, at least your kits should be...

4. king of the west chef waley said Best kit for a team without players or coach.... Even guys on my street can beat dis Nigerian team well.

5. Agunwa Gabriel Chibuike said Nigeria even get mind produce Kit when dey know fully well that they're not going to any competition. Later NFF will tell us it cost not less than N356bn. Una well done

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The Nigeria Football national team super eagles is one of the strong team in Africa, but unfortunately they did not qualified for this year 2022 fifa Qatar world cup. At least they did produced a beautiful jersey without going to the world cup!

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