Apply For Ashden Awards Grant 2023 To Win £25,000

Apply For Ashden Awards Grant 2023 To Win £25,000

The 2023 #AshdenAwards are now open to projects helping off-grid, small scale farming communities grow, store and process their crops. Ashden calling all clean energy and agriculture innovators in Nigeria to apply for the grant.

Who Can Apply?

Businesses, NGOs, government organisations, social enterprises and community groups are all eligible. Work must be currently available to clients, customers or beneficiaries.

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What Makes An Ashden Winner?

a. The work submitted for an award should must be innovative. It might feature new technology, new approaches to marketing and distribution, or a new way of sharing training and skills. It might involve improved financing mechanisms oran innovative business model.

b. Work should also have the potential to create significant impact. This impact might be a large drop in greenhouse gas emissions, raised incomes, better health, reduced inequality, or a combination of positive outcomes. Impact might be achieved by the growth of the organisation applying, or by the spread of their ideas to other organisations.

c. Initiatives should boost resilience and be as participatory and democratic as possible designed and run with input from the people they support, particularly marginalised groups.

d. Applicants should also show good governance and management.

Winning Price: £25,000

Application closing date: Wed 8 March 2023

How to apply:

Interested applicant should visit https://ashden.org/awards/energising-agriculture to apply.

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