How To Successfully Login To NDLEA Recruitment 2023 Portal

How To Successfully Login To NDLEA Recruitment 2023 Portal

In today's Latest NDLEA Recruitment News, we will be updating you on How To Successfully Login To NDLEA Recruitment 2023 Portal. So keep reading!

It is no longer news that the NDLEA has open its 2023 recruitment portal for interested applicants to apply for the available position in the agency.

However, we noticed that some of the applicants Who are interested in applying for the NDLEA job are finding it difficult to sign up, login to the online application portal to begin and complete their application.

So we decide to create this post to help you with the necessary steps to complete your application successfully.

How to successfully login to NDLEA Recruitment portal:

1) Go to https://recruitment.ndlea.gov.ng/login

2) Click the portal menu on the top right side to see the necessary options

3) Click Login from the popup option and login as a returning applicant or Signup to create an account on the portal before you login.

After all these steps are completed, you can then login to begin and complete your NDLEA application.

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If you try to open the NDLEA Recruitment portal and is not opening or you get an error response, keep trying. Do not forget to try accessing the portal with different browsers to see which work better for you.

Finally, before you begin filling the NDLEA Recruitment online form, we will advise you to download the application instruction to enable you read the position that best soothe your qualification.

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  1. the portal isnt working

  2. The portal is not opening

  3. I think the ndlea are poposely locking their site. I registered successfully but I can't login again to summit

    1. Wats urs saying if u want to login


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