Latest Npower News For Today Saturday 29 April 2023

Latest Npower News For Today Saturday 29 April 2023

In today's Latest Npower News For Saturday 29 April 2023, we will be talking about the situation regarding Npower delay stipends and other related issues as the month of April comes to an end today. So keep reading!

The management of Npower has apologized to beneficiaries for the delay in paying their January, February, March, and other outstanding stipends.

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Responding to some of the aggrieved beneficiaries, Npower said, we sincerely apologize for the delay in payment. Kindly note that we are currently working to see that payment is initiated soon. Please remain patient, Npower said.

However, with what is going on at the moment, it seems the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry is working with other agencies to see that the stranded Nigerian students caught up in the ongoing crisis in Sudan are Evacuated to Nigeria from Khartoum, Sudan safety.

According to the report, FG is spending $1.2m to evacuate the Nigerians from Sudan.

That notwithstanding, Npower management also makes sure that they engaged their beneficiaries via all their communication channels in encouraging beneficiaries to concentrate on their duties at the place of their primary assignment.

Npower beneficiaries are advised to take advantage of the program to develop new skills that will make them self-reliant.

Finally, as we earlier stated, payment of outstanding stipends will be initiated soon as Npower is working on it. So remain patient while you wait to get paid soon.

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  1. May Almighty Allah reward the minister for include c1 in the stipend.

  2. If they will pay let them pay we have be patient enough...

  3. Good morning everyone I'm seriously not happy with the way the management had done to me,I have not received October, November and December payment of batch c stream 2 Nteach last year 2022 payment talk of this year.


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