Npower Nexit Applicants Seek Answers Ahead Of May 29 Handover

Npower Nexit Applicants Seek Answers Ahead Of May 29 Handover

In today's Latest Npower Nexit Package News, the exited Npower Batches A and B beneficiaries seek answer about Nexit package as May 29 Handover is around the corner. This comes after President Buhari approved payment of outstanding stipends for NSIP beneficiaries. Read the update here FG Authorized Npower/NSIP Beneficiaries Outstanding Payment

It seems like the Nexit scheme applicants are finding it very hard to forget the issue of Nexit package promised to them by FG. They worried that the incoming Administration might not complete the unfinished Nexit package empowerment opportunities promised by the President Buhari Administration.

The Nexit programme is aimed at reengaging the exited Npower beneficiaries to access other opportunities. The Nexit programme was established by the Nigerian government to address the challenges the exited Npower beneficiaries may face after the Npower program.

The aim of the Nexit programme is to provide opportunities for Exited Npower beneficiaries who have graduated from the N-power Programme. The programme is designed to provide these youths with entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and access to funding to start their own businesses or ventures.

The supposed Nexit programme was implemented by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development FMHDS in collaboration with the CBN. The programme implementation details is still in the dark after some of the applicants were selected to participate in the Nexit training as the eligibility criteria for the disbursement of the Nexit package.

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As the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari comes to an end May 29 2023, the Nexit Applicants are beginning to ask questions whether the efforts the put into the Nexit scheme will ever come to limelight.

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  1. We leave everything to ALLAH (SWT). We younth of the nigeria we are not going to forgives and forget the punishment that the outgoing administration government that deeds to us. WE LEAVE Every to Allah. Sadiya you have a children's Don to forget.

  2. On behalf of my humble self and my fellow Batches A and B of FG celebrated empowerment program. Good number were dedicated, patriotic and committed to the program. For example, I remember vividly that FG stopped the payment by May 20221 and I was still going to my place of assignment without payment till October that that year. It wasn't easy. I therefore, urge, plead, beg and beckon on the FG under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari who initiated the program to show us his mercy and kindness and pay us our exit package before the handing over to the president-elect His Excellency, Senator Bola Hammed, TINUBU or they make a serious and solid agreement for our us to reap what we sowed.

    1. The federal government always neglected the youth not knowing that one we will take over the mantle of leadership


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