Census Delay - What NPC Approved Enumerators Should Be Doing

Census Delay - What NPC Approved Enumerators Should Be Doing

In today's Latest NPC census 2023 News, we will be discussing What NPC Approved Enumerators Should Be Doing while they wait for new schedules for the conduct of the 2023 census.

If you have applied to serve as an NPC census Enumerator or any Field position and were approved, this update is for you. Because the 2023 census was postponed for the time being, does not mean that your approved status will be affected. It does not!

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You all are aware that training of approved Enumerators and Supervisors was to hold but the postponement of the census lead to the shifting of the training. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as time constraints, changes in organizational priorities, or unforeseen circumstances.

If you are an approved NPC census Enumerator, you should stay connected with NPC via the NPC applicants portal and try to reach out to the NPC facilitators to get more information about the status of your position and the expected timeline for when new scheduled for the 2023 census will be out

Furthermore, as an approved Enumerator or a census field worker, you should use this postponement opportunity to read about the duties and responsibilities of your position to give you more insight into the job you will be doing. By so doing, when you are called for the training, it will look as if you are reversing what you have earlier learned. This will make you stay ahead!

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It is important to keep in touch with the NPC facilitators and maintain a positive relationship with them. This will help you stay informed about any changes or updates related to the NPC census training and keep you on their radar for future opportunities.

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