New Stipends Payment For Npower Batch C Not Approved - Nasims

New Stipends Payment For Npower Batch C Not Approved Yet - Nasims

In today's latest Npower news, the Npower management Nasims has cleared the air on the issue of the Npower Bach C stipends payment delay by saying that the new payment has not been approved yet.

This might simply entail that the approved ongoing payment is for the backlog of unpaid 2022 stipends for the Npower batch C beneficiaries

According to Nasims, the new payment will commence as soon as it is approved. Beneficiaries are being owed a 5-month stipends payment this year 2023

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As it is at the moment, Npower is undergoing the process of enrolling more preselected applicants by inviting them for account validation to enable them to become beneficiaries.

Payment of Npower beneficiaries who successfully validated their account via the validation link is slowly going on as more beneficiaries confirmed receiving their backlog payment today.

Furthermore, there are some rumors circulating in the media that the Federal Government has placed on hold payments to vendors, contractors, consultants, and service providers until further notice. Salaries and pensions have been exempted.

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So until proper auditing is concluded, payment will be resumed. Npower beneficiaries will be paid when the portal is opened.

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