Today's Latest Npower News For Monday 19th June 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For Monday 19th June 2023

In today's Latest Npower News For Monday 19th June 2023, we will be reviewing issues of Npower stipends payment, new Npower validation invites, and more things that Npower beneficiaries need to know. So keep reading!

There is a new update that Npower management is enrolling more preselected Npower applicants by inviting them for account validation. If you missed this update, read the details here

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While this is ongoing, 8 monthly payments of some Npower beneficiaries are yet to be paid even after the approval of the payment of outstanding stipends of all the NSIP beneficiaries was given before the last Administration left office. A situation that is causing beneficiaries to ask questions regarding their unpaid outstanding stipends

There is also a rumor that the former Minister of Humanitarian Affairs in charge of the Npower and other NSIP programs was invited by the EFCC to give an account of how she managed the activities of the Ministry while in service.

That notwithstanding, we believe that Npower always finds a way to pay its beneficiaries their delayed stipends. It might only be delayed but we believe that beneficiaries outstanding stipends will be paid soon.

It is important that as a Npower beneficiary, it is advisable to also search for other opportunities, that is why we created a Npower discussion group to share other opportunities that you can take advantage of. The Npower program is not a permanent job but a job employable and entrepreneurship empowerment program. As such, it is important to search for other jobs.

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