South Africans And Nigerians Amapiano Rift - How He Started On Twitter

South Africans And Nigerians Amapiano Rift - How He Started On Twitter

There has been this agurment of where Amapiano originated from. Some said it originated from South Africa but Nigerians made it Global, that Nigerians snatched “Amapiano” from the south Africans.

This agurment escalated on Twitter a few days ago when Swae lee an American Musian gave Amapiano credits to Nigerians instead of South Africans.

South Africans were all over Swae lee’s comments telling him to use their flag instead of Nigeria flag because Amapiano belongs to them.

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However, Swae lee apologize by saying that he never discredited nobody sorry y'all read it that way I never said anything about It’s origins in that tweet, I was just letting my fans know I’m tapped in and been cooking some amapiano style songs salute to the history of amapiano and the first creators of it I’m not taking that away from anybody much love and stay tuned, he stated.

This situation generated a lot of discussion on Twitter and a Twitter user share a comment saying that "I am beginning to even feel bad for South Africans because Nigerians took their women, beat them in businesses on home soil and now we took away their music the only good export they have.

Amapiano stocks skyrocketed after Davido dropped ke star with Focalist in 2021/2022

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