HM Betta Edu Disclosed Plans For Npower, Other NSIP Programme

HM Betta Edu Disclosed Plans For Npower, Other NSIP Programme

In today's Latest Npower News, we will be updating you on the latest update disclosed by the New Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation HM Betta Edu Regarding The Status Of Npower and other Programme In this Present Government.

The Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs And Poverty Alleviation, Dr Betta Chimaobim Edu, was on Friday, 25th August 2023, invited for an interview at the National Television Authority NTA, where she was asked a series of questions.

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One of the vital questions among others asked by the news anchor was, whether she'll be sticking to the National Social Investment Programmes (which Npower programme was one of them) already deployed by the past immediate government.

The News Anchor asked: The immediate past government, which is also your party, has key National Social Investment Programmes already deployed, Now, are you sticking strictly to these initiatives or are you introducing and focusing on new ones?

The Honourable Minister Dr. Betta Edu responded as follows:

We are going to be introducing a lot of new innovations into the system. However, the programs that have been carried out by the past Administration are really very useful and helpful.

We will be rejiggering a couple of things and looking at the past trying to make amend wherever we have not done well and expanding it to accommodate more people.

We will be looking at job creation in their million, and we will be looking at providing palliatives, and food down to households in the most remote areas in Nigeria where they are underserved.

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So a lot of intervention will come under the entire poverty alleviation plan. One of the most interesting parts will be that we will be starting a Humanitarian trust fund where we will go into full-blown resource mobilization that will meet the needs of Nigerians.

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