BBNaija All Stars - BayeTribe Mount Support To Take Ilebaye To Finale

BBNaija All Stars - BayeTribe Mount Support To Take Ilebaye To Finale

Bayetribe says that the gang up and hatred against Ilebaye in and out of the Big Brother Naija house won't work. They stated this as the vow to mount more support to take ilebaye to the finale of the BBNaija All Stars.

The also stated that they are not happy at Ebuka for asking baye if she goads the housemates, that Ilebaye has been bullied and provoked so many times but biggie never addressed it and Ebuka never spoke about it, now Ebuka is asking her if she goads the housemates.

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According to the bayetr, These are the people with terrible attitudes that need to change. Who in that house has a better attitude than ilebaye? Who? No one, they're not all perfect. They discovered angel wrote the letter yesterday and they didn't say anything because it's not ilebaye but it's on ilebaye they have power because biggie gave ilebaye 2 strikes and that has affected how she behave in the house to avoid getting a third strike.

The only time that those Housemates sit together and have a conversation it's when they are discussing Ilebaye, they will never sit down and talk about themselves or their plans after the show, the said.

They underestimated her, they call her small rat, mouse, low hanging fruit, red Meat and a small doll in the china shop. They didn't see her coming, her surviving 7 evictions is still a shock to them because during her season she stood up once and left in week 3.

Bayetribe this week avoid any noise and vote hard for Baye, and dont forget to keep drop sweet comment regarding ilebaye, they called out.

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