5 Things To Know About N-Power Temporary Suspension

5 Things To Know About N-Power Temporary Suspension

In today's Latest Npower News, we will be updating you on the 5 Things To Know About N-Power Temporary Suspension. So let's go straight to the point.

Recall that a few days ago, the management of Npower released a press statement stating the detailed information of the Audit and Temporary Suspension of the Npower programme, if you have not seen the update read it here N-power Released Statement On Program Audit And Temporary Suspension

In View of that, we decided to create this post to give you summaries of the 5 Things you should Know About the N-Power Temporary Suspension as shared by Npower:

1. A need for detailed investigation & audit

2. A need for proper monitoring of beneficiaries in their assigned locations

3. A need for a proper payment structure for those owed

4. A need to properly monitor the payment channels for prompt & effective payment

5. A need to restructure and accommodate new programs for the benefit of Nigerians

Npower has assure beneficiaries with genuine claims that they will resolve beneficiaries cases once they complete the verification exercise, they will Honour all outstanding obligations.

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