Consider Starting A Thriving Business In Food - SMEDAN

Consider Starting A Business In Food Industry - SMEDAN

The SMEDAN office in Oyo State carried out a One day sensitisation at the University of Ibadan. The participants who were mostly Students of Food Technology in their Final year in the University were encouraged to consider leveraging on their field of study by starting a small business in the food industry.

The State Manager, Mrs lyabo Ojogbede who led the team also delivered a presentation on "Funding Options for Small Scale food Businesses and grant Opportunities" to enlighten the final year students on multiple sources they can tap into to obtain funding for their business ideas.

The programme is an Annual Seminar series carried out by the State Office in partnership with the University of Ibadan.

Here are Steps to follow when Starting A Thriving Business In Food Industry:

Starting a food business involves several key steps:

1. First, conduct market research to identify the demand and competition in your target area.

2. Develop a solid business plan that outlines your concept, target market, menu, pricing, and marketing strategies.

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3. Secure the necessary permits and licenses required by local authorities, such as health department approvals and food handling certifications.

4. Find a suitable location, considering factors like foot traffic, accessibility, and affordability.

5. Lastly, invest in quality ingredients, equipment, and staff, and focus on delivering exceptional customer service to build a loyal customer base and ensure the success of your food business.

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