NPC Partner Barnksforte Technologies Ltd For E-CRVS Development

NPC Partner Barnksforte Technologies Ltd For E-CRVS Development

The National Population Commission NPC Signed a Public-Private Partnership Agreement with Barnksforte Technologies Limited for the development and deployment of an electronic Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (e-CRVS) platform for the NPC at the Commission's Headquarters, Abuja on the 24th of October 2023.

The United Nations defines Civil Registration as the "continuous, permanent, compulsory and universal recording by registration of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events pertaining to the population as provided through decrees’or regulation in accordance with the legal requirements of each country”.

It deals primarily with events that affect the civil status of the individual. Such events’ include births, deaths, stillbirths, marriages, annulment of marriages, foundings, naturalization, etc.

The laws of most countries, including Nigeria, make the recording of these events’ compulsory. The statistics generated from the exercise is referred to as ‘Vital Statistics’. These events are referred to as "Vital" because they have to do with the individual's entry into, and the individual's entry into, and departure out of life, with the changes in civil status in his/her lifetime.

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According to NPC, the partnership will accelerate the digitization of all civil registrations in the country and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Nigeria's civil registration processes and vital statistics management for rapt economic planning, development, better governance and service delivery.

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