Publishers - How To Earn Money With Microsoft Ads With Your Website

Publishers - How To Earn Money With Microsoft Ads With Your Website

In our today's blog update, we will be updating you on How To Earn Money With Microsoft Ads With Your Website. So let's get to the point!

Microsoft have launched its Advertising platform where publishers can monetize their website with Microsoft high-quality, relevant ads. just like the Google Adsense platform.

According to Microsoft, the following publishers can sign up to get started:

1. Any small publisher or blog looking to build their audience and make it profitable through native ads.

2. Sites focused on travel, entertainment, sports, food, finance, auto, community, news, telecom, and others.

3. Anyone looking to monetize their site with an easy code-on-page solution. No revenue or volume minimums, and no cost to sign up.

How much does Microsoft pay for my traffic: The price paid by advertisers is set by a real time auction, so the highest bid wins. The more your audience engages with ads on your page, the more you'll be able to earn from those ads.

What's the minimum traffic you need to serve ads: No minimum traffic is required on your site for you to serve ads.

How to Sign up:

Currently, application is only open for US publishers. US publishers can sign up via this link https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/h/a/publishers

Publishers outside the United States can Sign up Here to reserve a spot once international support becomes available.

If you are already placing ads on your site, Microsoft will only serve its ads if they predict a higher payment compared to other platforms.

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