Link To Apply For NYS Program 2023/2024 For SAYouths

Link To Apply For NYS Program 2023/2024 For SAYouths

The National Youth Development Agency of South Africa through the National Youth Service is set to recruit 20 000 SAYouths in the National Youth Service component of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention for 2023/2024 year. The application will begin on the 29th of November 2023.

The Presidential Youth Employment Intervention through the NYS is South Africa's most comprehensive effort to address youth unemployment to date. Its goal is to enable more young people to transition from learning to earning. It seeks to coordinate, accelerate, and enhance existing programs and unblock pathways to employment, training, and youth enterprise.

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This program is the largest-scale youth service program implemented in South Africa’s democratic history and one of the largest service programs globally. More importantly, the program has successfully transitioned young people into more sustainable opportunities showcasing the program's ability in spite of a low-growth economy to transition youth from service into sustainable Employment.

The young people in the NYS program are engaged in service activities that sharpen their skills, increase their employability status, and uplift their communities through programs anchored in:

Sports, Recreation, Arts and Entertainment Learner Support Programmes, Social Support and Care Services, Surveys and Digital Mapping, Food Security and Child Nutrition, Community Works and Greening Programmes, Early Childhood Development.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should sign up for the National Youth Service on the zero-rated portal https://sayouth.mobi to apply for these opportunities.

The SAYouth.Mobi is a zero-rated platform for young people seeking opportunities to transition from learning to earning. Young people are encouraged to access the platform and to engage with various opportunity providers offering various forms of employment, training, and mentorship programs.

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