Links For 6 Commonwealth Online Youth Empowerment Platforms

Links For 6 Commonwealth Online Youth Empowerment Platforms

Commonwealth Secretariat has launched various free resource/online platforms to showcase opportunities and empower young people within member countries to benefit from global innovations and envisioned that the greater use of technology will result in economic growth, sustainability, improved health outcomes and job creation.

The Commonwealth Resource Platforms are aimed at promoting open learning, distance education and opportunities to close the skills gap in-demand and high demand jobs in Commonwealth Member States.

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The next generation of Youth/innovators need the right skills and resources to understand what emerging trends and innovation are and why it is important in today's digital world. It is in this vein that the Commonwealth Secretariat launched the following resources platforms to bridge the gap:

a). Introduction to AI for Youth Modules; Commonwealth Secretariat in partner with Intel has curated a free online platform to empower Youth with AI tech and Social Skills in an all inclusive manner. The program enabled Youth with tech skills such as statistical data, computer vision and natural language processing as well as social skills like problem-solving, AI ethics, security, etc. The eLearning platform can be accessed via https://thecommonwealth.org/ai-for-youth

b) This project encourages talented musicians to create and share their musical ideas, forming a collaborative Music Relay that will eventually span across all participating countries, This can be accessed via https://www.commonwealthresounds.com/project/cm

c). Year of Youth Submission of Activity: Commonwealth Heads of Government have declared 2023 (extended till October 2024) a year dedicated to youth-led action for sustainable and inclusive development. This provides an opportunity for all Stakeholders at all levels to renew and strengthen their commitment to Youth engagement and empowerment. If your organisation would like to propose a Year of Youth activity and collaborate with the Commonwealth Secretariat, please visit: https://thecommonwealth.org/our-work/youth/2023

d). Football for Good: Football for Good is a global movement with a worldwide agenda aimed at showcasing how the power of football brings people together. How football can champion peace, equality, diversity and inclusion. For more information, please visit https://footballforgood.global

e) Social Entrepreneurs Fund: Support funding for young social Entrepreneurs; Queen Commonwealth Trust has up to 20,000 pounds with capacity support. To access please visit: https://queenscommonwealthtrust.org/what-we-do

f). Training Course on Digital readiness for Public Sector Leaders: visit https://cwlearn.commonwealth.int

For correspondence and engagement, contact the Commonwealth National Youth Ministry Focal Person at [email protected].

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