Link To Apply For NITDA COURSERA Scholarship Cohort 3

Link To Apply For NITDA COURSERA Scholarship Cohort 3

NITDA COURSERA SCHOLARSHIP COHORT 3 - As part of the Federal Government's commitment to create 1 million jobs in the digital economy, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), in partnership with Coursera, hereby offers an opportunity to build capacity that can provide you with skills for digital jobs.

This Scholarships will enable Nigerian citizens to obtain professional certifications from some of the world's leading multinational tech companies (e.g. Meta, Google, IBM) and top ranked US universities. Applicants are to select one certification program each from Category A and Category B that they wish to be enrolled in.

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Category A: (IT Career Pathway) offers a total of 19 professional certification programs to help you kickstart a successful IT career. Each program comprises a series of related courses focused on providing deep knowledge and hands-on skills required for employment. When you complete each individual course within the program, you'll earn a certificate of completion. However, the professional certification will be earned when you have completed all the required courses in the program.

Category B: (Complementary Skills Pathway) offers 4 certification programs for you to choose from to complement your IT career skills and sharpen your use o digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, of freelancing skills.

Application Start date: The call for application starts on 24th January 2024.

Training date: The Cohort 3 training starts 10th February 2024 for a period of 6 months.

How to apply:

Interested applicants that wants to gain opportunity to skills that can give you access to global jobs should apply via this link https://links.nitda.gov.ng/coursera2401

Coursera is a global digital learning platform that has affiliation with many Ivy League universities across the world. NITDA partnered with Coursera to access licenses for its citizens through the paid partnership on the “coursera for Government initiative.

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