How To Convert Dollar To Naira Using FirstMobile App

How To Convert Dollar To Naira Using FirstMobile App

Do you know that you can use your FirstBank FirstMobile App to change or convert your domiciliary account dollar to Naira? Well if you don't know,keep reading to know how.

The FirstMobile app is the official mobile banking app for First Bank of Nigeria. It allows FirstBank account holders to conveniently access their accounts and conduct a variety of transactions from their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Changing or converting your dollars to Naira is now as easy, and stress-free using the FirstMobile App. Here is how it works.

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How It Works:

1. Login to your FirstMobile App! If you don't have the app, download it from the Google Play Store and activate it.

2. Upon successful login, Click on the transfer tab

3. Select "FX Sales" from the option! If the FX Sales is not included in the option in your FirstMobile App, update the app to have the option added.

4. Enter Transfer Details as follows:

a. Select your dollar account as the sender

b. Select your linked Naira account as the receiver.

c. Enter the amount you wish to change to Naira for example, insert 5 or 100 depending on the amount you want to convert to Naira.

d. Click Continue

e. Accept terms and condition

f. Enter your App PIN and click "Sale FX"

Boom! You are done, your dollars will be charged to Naira and sent to your linked Naira account instantly.

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  1. This only worked one time. For me it's not convenient to go into the bank, so the first time it worked, I was relieved and amazed. Only to discover that it a one-pony trick.


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