Some FG Grant Opportunities Awaiting Disbursement

Some FG Grant Opportunities Awaiting Disbursement

In today's Latest Npower Discussion Group grant news, we will be talking about some FG Grant Opportunities Awaiting Disbursement. So keep reading!

A few months ago, there was a call from the Federal Government for Nigerians to apply and benefits from FG's grant scheme like the FG grant and loan scheme, and ssatvee N500,000 grant opportunity for entrepreneurs.

However, a few months after kickoff, Disbursement of the grant is yet to commence. These Grants are part of the Presidential Palliative Program to cushion the effect of hardship as a result of the economic situation.

We decided to review this because this is the period that Nigerians need these grants the most. We hope that the Government will look into the situation of Nigerians at the moment and begin the Disbursement of these grants.

The other social intervention that Nigerians are awaiting is the conditional cash transfer which was suspended a few weeks ago. However, there is Good News regarding this, read it here Good News - FG Set To Resume CCT Payment To Beneficiaries

The Government needs to bring back all the programs under NSIPA that were suspended. Programs like the N-Power, GEEP, CCT, and NHGSFP to cushion the effect of the hardship that the Nigerians are facing right now.

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  1. We are aggressively tired enough with Federal Government policy on the delaying of stipend for disbursement. The subsidy of fuel removal is directly affect our lives negatively. I onbehalf of fellow patriotic citizen I encourage the Mr President Bola Ahmed should have Mercy upon the beneficiaries and rain Mercy on dey at swiftly process.

  2. Please all present npower beneficiary should be given permanent Job into their respective programs.


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