Link To Apply For FG Consumer Credit Scheme Credicorp Loan

Link To Apply For FG Consumer Credit Scheme Credicorp Loan

The Federal Government has launched another scheme called Consumer Credit Scheme CrediCorp and they are inviting Nigerians to apply for the opportunity.

The Nigeria Consumer Credit Corporation (CrediCorp) is a company owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria. CrediCorp has one mission: to accelerate consumer credit access to 50% of working Nigerians by 2030. CrediCorp achieves this mission by: A) tixing the structural barriers to accessing consumer credit in Nigeria. B) catalysing the market with capital, guarantees, and policy.

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Consumer credit is a system that allows people to borrow money to pay for goods and services. It essentially extends your purchasing power by letting you buy things today and pay for them over time. There are two main types of consumer credit: installment loans and revolving credit. Installment loans, like car loans, are for a fixed amount that you repay in regular installments over a set period. Revolving credit, like credit cards, allows you to borrow money up to a credit limit and repay it over time, with the minimum payment due.

CrediCorp including its consumer credit guarantee fund, works closely with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the financial sector, identity management, credit registries, fintechs, consumer protection, and policy makers on this mission.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should apply via https://credicorp-register.ng/apply

However, before you applied, note that the Consumer Credit Scheme isn't the usual palliative Grant people are familiar with. Consumer Credit Scheme is more like loan. It's fund that you'll repay if offered.

The Consumer Credit Scheme is very helpful and it's capable of establishing someone. The scheme is for ambitious and prudent individuals.

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  1. This is a Laudable program which will go a long way in greasing the wheels of economyic rejuvenation. Kudos to FG

  2. Does it come with interest?


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