3MTT Cohort 2 Learning Phase Begins

3MTT Cohort 2 Learning Phase Begins

The management of 3MTT Nigeria has announced the start of the learning phase of the 2nd Cohort of the 3MTT program.

The list of shortlist 3MTT cohort 2 Fellows was released some weeks ago. Applicants who don't know that the list has been released can check here How To Check 3MTT Phase 2, 3, And 4 Shortlisted Fellows Names

The management thanked fellows for their r patience as the team worked to make sure everything was put in place for the start of the cohort 2 sessions. As always, there’s a lot to look forward to in the #3MTT program, as you get started on your learning journey, they stated.

Below are Lessons scheduled for Cohort 2 Fellows:

a. May 13th - June 3rd: Foundational Learning Complete Soft Skills & Career Essentials courses on your portal.

b. June 3rd - August 30th: Physical Applied Learning, Foundational Learning Assessment, Self-Paced Technical Course, Physical Applied Learning

3MTT Graduation Requirement:

1. 100% completion of Foundational Learning Courses

2. 100% completion of self-paced technical course

3. Minimum 70% attendance of physical applied learning sessions.

For 3MTT 3rd and 4th cohorts, please stay tuned for more updates on opportunities to stay engaged in the #3MTTLearningCommunity

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