How To Turn Your Phone Into A POS Terminal

How To Turn Your Phone Into A POS Terminal

In today's Latest Npower discussion group Business news, finance update, we will be showing you How To Turn Your Phone Into A POS Terminal with FirstPOS. So keep reading!

What is FirstPOS? FirstPOS is FirstBank’s smartphone application for business owners to enable them accept payments on the go without the use of a hardware POS machine.

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The FirstPOS has the following Features:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Processes contactless-enabled cards
  3. Compatible with NFC-enabled devices
  4. Robust security features to protect sensitive customers’ data
  5. Offers non-card transactions such as QR payments and pay with Transfer

The Benefits of the FirstPOS is as follows:

a. Rules out paperwork

b. Ease of use

c. Cost-effectiveness

d. Increased sales opportunities

e. Improved customer experience

f. Provides real-time data and analytics

g. Offers greater flexibility in terms of mobility

h. Advanced security features

I. Availability of soft copy receipts

Who can apply to use FirstPOS? Anyone who runs a small and medium business including: Uber drivers/Taxify drivers, Dispatch riders, Freelance business owners, Restaurants and bars, business owners

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Registration Requirements:

1. Download the FirstPOS app on Play Store

2. Sign up for activation of the device with your current account and other personal data

3. Accept terms and conditions.

Boom! You are good to go!

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