Minister Message To All FG GRANT Applicants Yet To Be paid

Minister Message To All FG GRANT Applicants Yet To Be Paid

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Hon (Dr) Doris Nkiruka Uzoka-Anite has given a new update to inform all applicants of the Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme who are yet to be paid on the latest developments.

In her message, the Minister thanked all FG Grant Applicants for their continued patience. According to her, the disbursement process is still ongoing, and they have allocated about 60% of the 1 million grants. You can track the number of beneficiaries per LGA paid so far. See here Link To Check FGLoanGrant PCGS Beneficiaries Names

It's important to note that almost 4 million Nigerians applied for the Palliative grant of 50k, but only 1 million beneficiaries can be accommodated. This means not all applicants will receive the grant.

The selection is not based on who applied first, everyone has an equal chance but by random computer-generated selection. While Mr. President may launch other social intervention programs in the future, there are no immediate plans.

The teams in my office and BOI have worked tirelessly to ensure this process is fair and accurate. Testimonial videos are already being shared, showcasing, how the grant has positively impacted lives and we will share many more. We have prioritized accuracy over speed to ensure every Nigerian who applied has a fair shot.

We'd like to complete all 1 million disbursements by now. Still, the process has been delayed due to incorrect or missing data, and duplicate and spurious applications, which we have had to meticulously clean up to ensure eligibility and validation.

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We are also at the final stages of vetting for the MSME and Manufacturing loans. Applications remain open, and disbursement will begin by July ending.

Finally, it is your right as a citizen to criticize and hold the government accountable. However, we encourage constructive feedback without resorting to abuse or bigotry. Personal insults and hate speech are not likely to aid your applications and will not be tolerated. Together, we can build a more prosperous Nigeria. Thank you once again.

You can learn more about paid beneficiaries here https://grant.fedgrantandloan.gov.ng/learn-more/disbursement

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