Why Some FG Grant Applicants Will Not See Alert

Why Some FG Grant Applicants Will Not See Alert

Regarding some of the questions you have been asking concerning the FG Grant payment, here is what you should know.

Due to budgetary constraints, they can currently consider only 1 million applicants for the grant disbursement. This means that 2.6 million applicants out of the 3.6 applications submitted will not be able to receive the grant at this time.

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As a result, this may lead to concerns and it might appear that payments are not being processed. Payments are being initiated and paid in batches.

Applicants should be assured that the selection process is rigorous and transparent, and the grants are indeed being disbursed to the selected million applicants.

The management is actively seeking additional funding and exploring ways to expand the program so that more applicants can benefit in the future. They appreciate your patience and understanding towards these challenges.

As usual, we will keep updating you on new opportunities. For those who have not been selected, stay tuned to the Npower discussion group for related opportunities.

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  1. We were among the first group who registered immediately the FG GRANT portal was opened on December 2023. I registered myself, my wife and seven other neighbors.
    When the NIN check was initiated we logged in only to discover CANDIDATES NOT FOUND. We re-registered again and validated our NIN. Up till now none of us have seen alert while we watch many who even registered late receive their alerts. If there's 1million limit of shortlisted beneficiaries, WE ARE TO BE AMONG and we don't receive alert, it simply means THE TRANSPARENCY IN QUOTE IS NOTHING BUT FRAUD.

  2. What of those that received messages and was captured but haven't received?


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