How N-Agro Beneficiaries Can Win Famers Trust During the Course of Their Duty

The Famers are intelligent and smart people. They will ask you questions during the course of your duty but you must assist them whether they like it or not because is your responsibility as an extension worker to assist them.

You will need more effort to convince the famers to use the technology you will bring to them. As an extension worker you need to have a good communication skills, you must be organize and able to coordinate your activities.

During the course of your job, you will need to demonstrate your technology in order to convince the farmers from the yield of your farm produce for some of them to trust you if not they will tell you they have been doing this for many years.

You need to lead the famers to where they can sell their input and also lead them to where they can get new input like fertilizer and seed so they can utilize their profit.

These and more I believe as an extension worker you will learn through the Npvn portal with the device you will be given by Npower.

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