How N-Power April Stipends will look like after Selecting your Device

Shared by Murtala Aliyu Gayarie on ‎NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP

Note that this months stipend (April) will come with deduction but only for those who have selected device whose price is above the tool grant giving by the government. e.g those who choose the following devices:

* *TECNO PAD- #4,678.95 per month Your monthly salary, after selecting this device would be #29,821.05 per month.

*SPEEDSTAR WINDOWS TABLET- ₦5,885.94 per Month Your monthly salary, after selecting this device would be: ₦ 28,614.06 per month.

This is how your stipend will come for the period of 20 months( I mean till the end of this program) BT I pray govt will increase the grant for them so that they too will RECEIVE 30,000 all through. if not..... I pray that the program continues even after the 2 years until every one of us reading this msg has gotten a JOB..

However, for those who choose other device their monthly stipends still remain the same #30,000 including those beneficiaries who recently reselected device from HP to other gadgets

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